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PhaseSpace motion capture system hardware accessories
PhaseSpace offers a variety of methods to apply markers to the subjects you want to track. Whether the subject is the human body, a robot, or a small object, PhaseSpace has the solution!
PhaseSpace motion capture accessory suit

PhaseSpace offers a form-fitting spandex suit to simplify preparation for the capture session. The suitís built-in wire channels, LED mounting points, and breathable fabric, maximize both comfort and utility. Dressing up your mocap actor will no longer be a chore—just affix the LEDs and start capturing data!

PhaseSpace motion capture accessory gloves

PhaseSpace is proud to introduce our finger-tracking solution, the Impulse X2 glove. Using existing Impulse X2 technology, real-time finger tracking is now possible. When used in conjunction with the motion capture suit, the gloves provide real-time full-body motion capture. These durable gloves come with eight LEDs total: one on the tip of each finger (two LEDs on the thumb), and two LEDs on the back of the hand. As with all PhaseSpace LEDs, the glove is also available with infrared LEDs.

PhaseSpace motion capture accessory multi-led board

The glove is connected to a Multi-LED board, which is capable of driving up to 8 LEDs and easily attached to the glove for a minimal footprint. Once the glove is connected to the board, the board connects directly into the motion capture suit for full-body captures.

PhaseSpace motion capture accessory stylus

The PhaseSpace LED Stylus Unit is a lightweight standalone active LED marker, with a built in battery and RF receiver. This self contained unit is supported by the IMPULSE X2 system and allows for wire-free motion capture of props and performers. Up to two active LED markers are supported by each Stylus.

PhaseSpace motion capture accessory virtual camera

The Virtual Camera is completely wireless, allowing the director to move around the set with ease. The virtual scene can be viewed from any angle in real time, and adjustments to the actors and sets can be implemented on the spot. With complete control over the shot, the production process is shortened and production cost is lowered. Different camera settings can be incorporated into the Virtual Camera, such as controls for the field of view and depth of field of the shot.

PhaseSpace Active Marker LEDs can be mounted to any small laptop or tablet type device, allowing users to pre-visualize camera movements in a virtual scene in real time. The LEDs are tracked using the PhaseSpace Impulse X2 Camera System to determine the precise position and orientation of the viewing device within the space.  

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