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Motion Capture of Drummer
Technology in the entertainment industry has always been geared towards large production houses with deep pockets. Most of the tools that are used in productions can cost millions of dollars. At PhaseSpace, it is our goal to turn motion capture into a common tool even the smallest production company can afford. We have achieved all of this, without sacrificing any quality.
Below, you will find actual examples of the types of entertainment produced using the PhaseSpace IMPULSE motion capture system.

Pendulum Studios

Pendulum is the culmination of many things; from the knowledge and experience of its leaders, to the fervent enthusiasm and inspiring talent of the artists that make up the team. Put simply, Pendulum is a shared passion for the fusion of art, cinema and technology. In the act of telling engaging stories with unique imagery, they find the ultimate outlet for this passion.

Pendulum uses the Impulse motion capture system, equipped with 50+ PhaseSpace Cameras, within a 40x40 capture space to create cinematic sequences for games such as Thor: God of Thunder and THQ/Volition's Red Faction:Guerilla.

10tacle Studios: David Douillet Judo

David Douillet Judo is a wide release Judo simulation game in Europe, available on all console platforms and PC's. AMA Studios (formerly known as 10tacle Studios Belgium) wanted to use motion capture to simulate very physical and intense motions of judo masters, which can be challenging to all types of motion capture systems due to the contact-heavy nature and speed of the motions. Using the PhaseSpace IMPULSE system, the developers successfully created the game with minimal data cleanup, no marker swapping and zero occlusion.


Mixamo is an innovative online 3D character animation service for 3D professionals. By leveraging cutting-edge research directly from Stanford University, stellar web engineers and a top notch in-house animation team, Mixamo aims to truly evolve and democratize character animation making it ten times faster, more cost effective and accessible.

Mixamo technology enables both new and seasoned 3D professionals in the video game, virtual world, 3D design/architecture, and virtual goods markets to create the highest-quality character motion possible in a matter of seconds using director level controls.

Custom Motion-Capture Services:
  • 26 Phase Space cameras at 480Hz, capable of capturing multiple actors at once
  • 30' x 20' capture space, with full scaffolding components available
  • Measure and Finger capture system integrated with full body capture in real-time
White Tiger Legend

White Tiger Legend is an animated feature film written, directed, and animated by visual effects artist Kory Juul. Thanks to the ease with which the PhaseSpace motion capture system could be operated, Kory was able to be both the mocap operator and martial arts performer in his production. The film is scheduled to be completed in 2016.

Motion Capture NYC

With the help of Impulse motion capture and Autodesk MotionBuilder, Motion Capture NYC provides full-body and facial performance capture to clients such as ESPN and the U.S. Army. They also offer clients the opportunity to view capture sessions remotely with Impulse's ability to stream data over the Internet in real time.

WorleyWorks, Inc.

WorleyWorks is a production and post-production studio that specializes in High Frame Rate Stereoscopic 3D Production and 2D/3D HFR 4K Post Production (MISTIKA). They own a 25-camera Impulse motion capture system, which they use to provide full-body and finger performance capture services in their studio or on location with their clients.

TVGLOBO - Brazil: Vida da Gente

Using the Phasespace Impulse motion capture system and Autodesk Motionbuilder, animators at TVGLOBO - Brazil were able to previsualize and capture the motions of a professional tennis player in real time for the Telenovela "Vida da Gente." The recorded animation became a foundation upon which the animators could add additional movement.

PhaseSpace motion capture - Et Dieu Crea...Laflaque
VOX POPULI: Et Dieu créa... Laflaque

Vox Populi produces Et Dieu créa... Laflaque, a weekly animated political satire show in Canada.. Utilizing full body motion capture with the Impulse motion capture system, Vox Populi was capable of giving fast results without all the hassle and costs of multiple operators, lengthy calibration, and excessive data cleanup.

Proof: ImmaBeRockinThatBody

Black Eyed Peas newest music video, "ImmaBeRockinThatBody," features two giant dancing robots created using the PhaseSpace motion capture system. Proof, the company responsible for the 3D animation of the robots, was impressed by how clean the data collected by the PhaseSpace motion capture system was. All of the motion capture for the video was completed in less than three weeks.

Gradient Effects: Who's Gonna Save My Soul

Gnarls Barkley's music video, "Who's Gonna Save My Soul," was nominated for Grammy Award, Best Short Form Music Video, in 2008. Gradient Effects was responsible for the motion capture in the video. They used the PhaseSpace system for the heart's arm, leg, and body motion capture.

Pato Fu: Anormal

RPM Produtora, a Brazilian production house, directed and produced the award winning "Anormal" music video for Pato Fu. The video shows a compilation shot of both green screen as well as motion capture. Post production overlays of video and 3d generated skeleton produced the eerie effect that won Pato Fu the 2005 MTV Brazil Best Music Video award.

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