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From golf to batting to gymnastics to running, there are a variety of uses for motion capture technology in the sports world. At the core of each of these applications is sports training, as athletes compete to do the impossible and need technology to help them improve their performance or stay healthy. By labeling points of interest on an athlete with our active LED markers, and using our high capture rate, the trainer can study the most subtle aspects of an athlete's motions that would be a blur on a 30 hertz video camera.
Christian Medical College, Vellore, India

The Bioengineering Department at CMC Vellore has been using the PhaseSpace Motion Capture system for gait and motion analysis. The real time aspects of the PhaseSpace technology provides feedback immediately to the researchers. The system is accurate enough to provide raw data capable of being used in scientific research.

University of California, San Diego

Dr. Howard Poizner and his colleagues at the UCSD Institute of Neural Computation have been using their PhaseSpace system for several neuroscience research projects, from analyzing hand and reach movements of Parkinson's patients to studying brain dynamics in virtual spaces.

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