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PhaseSpace Motion Capture - RPM Produtora

"The first is quality of capture. The more occlusion and swapping, more time we need to clean the optical data. And we couldn't afford that. The second is mobility. Many of our clients require the capture to be made on their own place. To be able to move and set the equipment on a practical and fast way is essential. The third is technical support. We are the first ones to bring this technology to our country. It is natural that questions and doubts rise. It is really reassuring to know that even miles away, we have full support at any time. And at last, the value. This equipment in comparison with others has the best relation cost/benefit. PhaseSpace was the best choice according any criterion.

We are setting the standards that others will follow. Our main purpose is to achieve excellence in CG and web. Our goal is ours customers' total satisfaction. PhaseSpace has been a great partner along the way."

- RPM Produtora, Brasil
PhaseSpace Motion Capture - NASA

"I also greatly appreciate the level of service and support that you, and everyone else at PhaseSpace, is providing. It's wonderfully refreshing to work with people who truly care about their customers and their applications."

- Terry Fong, NASA Ames

"I've been using the PhaseSpace Motion Capture system for about a year. Having worked with other motion capture systems (mechanical as well as magnetic), I can honestly say that the PhaseSpace offers an excellent good price/performance ratio. The system allows the great precision of optical capture data with a very good real time performance like that of magnetic and mechanical systems.  

Also, I find that the system recognizes quickly and efficiently every LED. Clean up time is therefore reduced, due to nearly absence of swapping. The rapidity of the system enables us to produce between 17 to 20 minutes of animation per week for the Et Dieu créa... Laflaque TV program.

The PhaseSpace Motion Capture has been a key element of our pipeline, always ready for a capture session, big or small."

- Alexandre Messier
Motion Capture technician
Et Dieu créa. Laflaque
PhaseSpace Motion Capture - Origami Digital

"Over the years, we have worked for Clients such as Gatorade, Nissan, Nike, Lightstorm Entertainment and others. Origami Digital has been developing a new process of digital film making and after reviewing several other motion capture systems and technologies, our decision was carefully made to use PhaseSpace technology.

The fine motion PhaseSpace allows us to capture is virtually unmatched with other technologies... Combining the very accurate Data with the support that PhaseSpace provides not only propel the system at the cutting edge of technology, but also lay the foundation for new developments in the future. Another leap that Phasespace has over its competitors is the mobility of the system. Within a few hours the system can be taken down, put back up and calibrated and be ready for use. This is usually a process that takes days with other systems."

- Oliver Hotz
Origami Digital, LLC
"Only time will tell if PhaseSpace will be the leader in motion capture technology, but at this time it's got one hell of a head start on its competition."
PhaseSpace: Motion Capture @ the Speed of Light
- Chris Tome, 3dVFX

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