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PhaseSpace motion capture partner Autodesk

Autodesk® MotionBuilder provides the interface between the captured motions and the actual art that is generated in Autodesk® Maya and 3ds Max.

PhaseSpace motion capture partner Nvidia

Nvidia provides the graphics cards necessary to drive the stunning 3D animations created by PhaseSpace motion capture systems.

PhaseSpace motion capture partner Siemens

PhaseSpace and Siemens PLM Software have formed a parternership in order to provide a seamless interface between PhaseSpace and Jack.

PhaseSpace motion capture partner HP Hewlett Packard

PhaseSpace is working with HP to develop Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions as well as create high performance solutions for Hollywood movies. Real time Visualizations with virtual cameras and live performance capture allow the direction to see the shot with computer graphic scenes and characters in real time, using the Z800 Workstations and Autodesk Motion Builder Software.

Using HP Z200 workstations PhaseSpace has developed the Improv Motion Capture system allowing colleges and researches to have an affordable single person motion capture solution that maintains the resolution and data quality of professional motion capture solutions, at an affordable price point.

PhaseSpace motion capture partner Unreal Engine

Using the tools available as part of the Unreal Engine 3 Integrated Partners Program, PhaseSpace has enabled the use of real-time motion capture data in the Unreal Engine.