High Precision, Low Latency

You shouldn’t have to choose between resolution and tracking speed. PhaseSpace cameras record at an astounding 960Hz at sub-millimeter precision (~20μ) at full sub-pixel resolution of 36000 x 36000.


That’s why our motion capture systems are used by demanding, high-profile customers including NASA, Naval Research Lab, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, University of Cambridge, Stanford, and UC Berkeley.

Easy Integration

Get up and running with just a few lines of code using one of our supported libraries in Python, C/C++, C#, or Javascript.


Capture precise 3d data in a wide range of environments, from a tightly controlled lab setting to direct sunlight in the field.


Clean Data

Whether you’re ground-truthing or performing  in-field tests, PhaseSpace provides high data rates in real-time.


From applications of remote controlled telerobotics to robotic controlled cinematography, PhaseSpace’s peerless tracking will help you push the limits.