Sports & Medical

Performance Analysis

When you’re pushing the limits you need motion tracking with infinite possibilities. In sports applications, capture small nuanced motions at 960 frames per second. Our new Microdrivers feature an 80% smaller form factor than the previous generation, so it’s easier to put markers where you need them. 

Bio-Mechanical Engineering

Prosthetic engineering demands high-frame rate, high-precision data. PhaseSpace is the industry leader in both categories. The 3d motion capture data is an invaluable resource for iterating on designs.


Outdoor tracking

Get out of the lab and into the field: capture outside in any lighting situation. Our cameras have out-of-the-box infrared lens filters, so the stock configuration is immune to direct sunlight.

PhaseSpace BioMechanics in Action

PhaseSpace excels when tracking motions, and humans move in many different ways. We can help the way an amputee with a prosthetic moves or improve a football player’s route execution

Whatever the application, PhaseSpace motion capture can enhance your capabilities.