Virtual and Augmented Reality

Rock-Solid, Robust Tracking

PhaseSpace gives you a more intelligent and intuitive approach to VR and AR positional tracking.  When you need multiple users and a shared experience, with multiple tracked props, and in a large volume tracking space, PhaseSpace has you covered. Our robust tracking technology allows for identical rigid-body (tracked object) fabrication:  you just change the ID in our Configuration Manager. This means less time wrangling unique props and less time coding and more time for development and for your customers in VR.

Battle-tested, Game engine ready

PhaseSpace tracking has been the preferred choice for VR research and development for over 10 years: Unity 3d game engine integration makes our proven tracking solution accessible to the next generation of VR.


Whether your experience is a pop-up booth at an event, or a permanent installation at a VR entertainment center PhaseSpace has a solution.

The Active Marker Advantage

Active LED markers deliver reliable tracking in the widest range of environments. DJ light shows, direct sunlight, and events with unknown lighting conditions present no problem. Installation and calibration are also a breeze. Our Cameras daisy-chain together, transmitting data and receiving power from the same cables. That means less weight on your truss and less cables to route.


For high-traffic applications like arcades and theme parks we have a Refresh Calibration feature so you can update your system calibration in seconds, not minutes.

Ultimate Immersion:

Virtual Reality offers exciting new possibilities for gaming: We’re excited to offer the world’s best untethered free-roam multiplayer system.

PhaseSpace is working with industry-leading partners to push virtual reality forward and create the next generation of entertainment.

Virtual reality is an amazing medium that allows users to travel anywhere and see anything. This will fundamentally improve the way students of all ages learn by providing teachers with amazing new tools to enhance lessons.

It is often very work intensive to learn subjects that require brute memorization such as anatomy. With VR, we give students the opportunity to see the human body and break it down into the various different systems. By doing this in virtual reality it triggers a person’s geospatial awareness which can help one to learn that information in a more dynamic way than staring at a 2D picture in a textbook.

Full immersion is a powerful tool when it comes to training. Virtual Training simulates situations that are difficult or too dangerous to recreate in the real world. This type of training can help prepare trainees for a hard-to-replicate real-world scenarios.

Our goal is to make virtual training more affordable and accessible to this growing market.

Creating an experience with PhaseSpace

PhaseSpace’s SDK for Unity integrates our tracking technology with the game engine. This allows users to create experiences from simple 3D models to more complex games with many moving parts.