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State-of-the-Art with over 20 Years of experience

We have stayed on top of the motion capture and motion tracking industuies for two decates and yet we still have to fastest and most state-of-the-art tracking system on the market.

In The Beginning : Tech Meets Art

Founded in 1994, PhaseSpace has always been dedicated to the mission of developing new technologies and products for the exploding motion capture and motion tracking markets. Drawing upon the talents of a strong team of developers and engineers from diverse technical backgrounds, PhaseSpace has developed motion capture solutions for academic and medical research, training simulations, and the robotics, graphic arts and entertainment industries.

The Next Era of Motion Tracking

The PhaseSpace Active Marker technology is a radical reinvention of motion tracking. Designed to eliminate the headaches normal mocap systems process, the Impulse X2E system was created to be scalable and  adaptable to better fit the needs of companies large or small, universities and research institutions, even individuals.

Our System has been used in countless commercial, educational and industrial applications for location-based entertainment arenas, tele-robotics, and VR Training applications. We have worked with customers in the entertainment industry like Disney, Bandai Namco, Star VR, and Lucky Hammers. Countless movie studios and game development companies have used the Impulse X2 system for 3D character animation and to create some of the most immersive virtual experiences in the industry. We have worked with research institutions like UC Berkeley, Stanford, Honda, Toyota, Google and NASA just to name a few.  

The perfect mix of Silicon Valley and Hollywood.

Built from the ground up for real-time, near-zero latency tracking, PhaseSpace has contributed to the proliferation of Location-Based Experiences, Telerobotics, Biomechanics, and 3D Character Creation for games and film.

Our innovative approach to motion capture has made us the performance leader for over 2 decades.  PhaseSpace continues to innovate with its approach of science, art, and technology.


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